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Celebrities promote it. Scientists stand behind it. What is LifeCell and can it be as effective as both communities believe it is? What is the difference between this product and other over-the-counter creams and lotions? What are the pros and cons of spending the high sums required to buy this amazing product inspired by a rare Swiss Apple?

What is LifeCell All-in-One Anti-Aging Treatment?

LifeCell is the name of an anti-aging skin treatment manufactured by South Beach Skincare, Inc., a company based in Hollywood, FL.

Designed to be applied topically, the formulation contains a blend of ingredients that are purported to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The company and numerous celebrity endorsers claim that LifeCell is a viable alternative to Botox and other anti-aging treatments such as Collagen injections that are typically administered in a clinical setting.

What are the Ingredients in LifeCell?

The makers of this product seem to agree: it’s not just one amazing ingredient that the world needs in order to achieve youthful skin. A combined assault on aging is required to achieve the desired effects all over one’s face. Here is what the makers of LifeCell consider the most important elements of this approach.


This is one of two critical ingredients in LifeCell. Its benefits include:

  • peptide-like technology which smoothes wrinkles
  • it does not irritate the skin

According to LifeCell, some Retinol and AHA-based products do, in fact, cause irritation. Peptides are proteins which skin is constructed from and are essential to its very architecture.

Matrixyl 3000

The second critical ingredient is as important as Dermaxyl and equally as unknown to the general community. Consumers will discover the benefits of:

• long lasting anti-aging effects
• smoother skin
• the appearance of collagen synthesis

Matrixyl 3000 was the subject of a study by researchers at the University of Reading in 2013. Results proved that it doesn’t just work for a single day; it goes beyond that.

Hyaluronic Acid

For skin to hold together and provide a barrier against moisture loss, it must contain adequate amounts of this ingredient. Hyaluronic Acid creates a fuller look, smoother, and more radiant.

DMAE: What is DMAE, and what are its benefits?

Add another hydration device to the growing list! DMAE’s scientific name is Dimethylaminoethanol, and its purpose is to replenish the skin’s moisture.

DMAE is the only ingredient clinically proven to restore smoothness to human skin. Studies show it could even reduce slackness of skin in cheeks and around the neck.


Another name for Vitamin A is Retinol, the top ingredient as recommended by dermatologists for wrinkle treatment. It has other uses too. In fact, there is probably no aspect of anti-aging that does not involve Retinol somehow.


It’s just as hard to spell as “antioxidant,” which is what Ubiquinone is. Where green tea and goji berries are pretty good, however, Ubiquinone overshadows their goodness with greatness. The natural germ-fighting aspects of one’s skin receive a tremendous boost to fight the free radicals which cause skin diseases and also restores the functions of other parts that lose their way when skin matures. These include collagen and elastin; that is, the parts that allow skin to bounce back to remain flexible instead of flabby, like love handles at the jawline.


The skin around your eyes becomes wrinkly and bony-looking because you lose muscle tone. Deanol moves in to restore muscle tone so that shadowy lines disappear and skin does not appear so frail. As they say at LifeCell, you can’t see a wrinkle; what the human eye sees is a shadow, the absence of light. Deanol helps to shed light and fend off shadows.

Ascorbyl Palmitate

Usually, we just call this “Vitamin C” and it’s so important to the human body in many ways. Consumers prefer to swallow it as a tasty capsule or they drink orange juice and eat kiwis to prevent colds. On the outside of our faces, Vitamin C also contributes to firmness. Vitamin C stimulates collagen growth and protects the skin, this massive external organ, just as it helps to stimulate the immune system which protects systems on the inside.

Does LifeCell Work?

Are superstars naturally younger looking anyway? Is that how they manage to stay in the business? Can you trust someone who is paid to sell things on the small or large screen? Some of the names behind this product are only moderately famous. Also, they might have happily stood in front of a camera with the bottle and proclaimed the stuff seemed amazing, but do they use it or is their youthfulness a trick of good lighting, excellent makeup, and cosmetic surgery?

The complex legal system would soon shut down LifeCell if they were using celebrity faces in false ways to advertise a product. Also, these celebrities have reputations to maintain. They are still working actors of some repute and would not like to see their careers tarnished by uncertain associations. Let’s assume they truly applaud the work that LifeCell can do, as seen by images of an aging ballerina around halfway through the website. She looks amazing after applying this cream to her skin; not even close to her real age of nearly 90.

Before-and-after shots of a male and female face depict the story of an aging face and what can really happen when the best products are combined. Experts have been saying on other pages that using just one of them isn’t good enough; they need to be combined. Now they are. Images showed that:

  • skin looked firmer, losing that saggy appearance under the eyes and near the jawline
  • previously dull skin glowed once more
  • signs of skeletal prominence around the eyes are gone as skin becomes fuller

Take a look at the photos for yourself. They show how aging affects the face of someone in his or her late thirties or early forties and, side-by-side, you can see these are pictures of the same person before and after using LifeCell. So, does LifeCell work? What would help you believe this product is effective? Do you believe your eyes? What about science?

LifeCell provides a bit of both: pictures which show the remarkable efficacy of this facial cream plus big scientific words and research associations. How much more evidence do you need? Perhaps a free trial?

Consider this: trying out a cream, even an expensive one, is far less expensive and painful than experimenting with facial peels and cosmetic surgery. This could be worth your while, but LifeCell doesn’t expect you to pay full price for a trial. The company makes things as simple as possible by offering a free trial for the cost of shipping and handling. Try it out for 2 months and decide if the pictures tell true stories.

The LifeCell Trial, Guaranteed

According to articles at LifeCell and off-site, the truth of its real cost is revealed as roughly $100 per month.

How large is the bottle?

It is around 75 ml or about twice the size of most bottles I have found on the internet, but calculating relative value is not as easy as deciding which products are cheapest. Let’s look at the price of LifeCell All-in-One vs. some other products on the market.

How Much is the Average Price of Anti-Aging Skin Creams?

The average price of a high-quality skin-care product is about $80 for 30 ml. Judging by the fact that LifeCell’s bottles are twice the volume and supposedly last 60 days, let’s say this is around $80 vs. $100 per month. Now, LifeCell All-in-One is just that: a single product to tackle every area of the face.

Consumers see improvement to their eyes, jaw, cheeks, lips, and overall complexion in just minutes. Some results last for days. Each item tends to focus on one main ingredient, be that AHA, Retinol, or antioxidants. They don’t typically contain a mixture of several active ingredients or the amounts of each are potentially insignificant. There must be some reason why they don’t do the job people hope they will. Moreover, effects are often a long time coming — up to two weeks instead of the instant results seen in users of LifeCell.

When should you use LifeCell?

As with all products, this should be part of the daily routine, not something used only when aging starts to show. But with other products, one usually tackles a specific area. There are overall night creams, but most products support hydration or remove dark shadows from under the eyes; firm the skin near your neck or brighten and unify the complexion.

In other words, consumers need to buy three bottles priced from $50 to $120 each and use them every night. There are creams for the day and serums for the night. LifeCell clients purchase just one bottle, but they use more of it because it covers every area.

Is LifeCell worth the money? Lifecell Review…

Still, one bottle compared with three has got to be cheaper than most effective products and also a lot less hassle. Besides, when you see the results take shape in moments, you are likely to dismiss anything else you have ever tried. Add to savings the reduced amount of makeup you will find yourself using. Who needs cover up when the skin below glows so beautifully? Apply cosmetics sparingly to show off your new look and enjoy the benefits of a natural appearance others will comment on while you count the savings.

If you wanted to argue against the price further, some customers like to compare LifeCell to cosmetic surgery. They would have paid thousands of dollars for Botox and tens of thousands for a face lift. $200, if effects are lasting, is definitely worth the investment and completely safe. Right now, the trial offer for LifeCell costs $4.25 to pay for shipping and handling. You receive 2.54 ounces or about a month’s supply.

Then again, can one put a price on benefits like smoother skin and restored glow? What you see in the mirror makes a big difference to your confidence; to the way you feel when you meet people for the first time. In the job market, when socializing, and just in everyday life, men and women alike feel better if their age does not show. Like a child who is treated as though he is older because he is taller than average, a woman who seems older on the outside might be disregarded as frail in both mind and body on the inside as well before anyone gives her a chance to prove otherwise.

Guarantee from LifeCell

This is a free offer; you do not pay anything for the sample received in the mail except shipping and handling costs. There is no commitment to buy the product once this trial is over. LifeCell says it is a 60-day supply, although I have seen one month reported as well, but it’s free. Their writing says the free trial is limited to one bottle per household. There is no refund available on this product which also acts as the company’s buffer. Only an exceptional circumstance would cause one to return the product because you know, thanks to the trial, whether it works or not and that there was no allergic reaction.

Still, LifeCell makes this guarantee: pay $189 and if you are not satisfied, return it within 120 days for a full refund. A good company can stand behind their product to this extent knowing how easy it would be to use half of it and then return the bottle, having achieved plenty in that short time. LifeCell believes that the results will be too magical to cause anyone to behave this way.

At the end of the day, how much is Life Cell All-in-One Anti-Aging Treatment?

The trial includes the chance to be enrolled in automatic replenishment at a lower rate. Life Cell makes use of this cost-saving technique in order to encourage commitment from buyers. Since this is an everyday product, a preventative measure, you need to buy a regular supply. Pay just $149 per month if you remain enrolled after the free trial. Return any unused product in its original packaging to receive a full refund if there are problems.

International clients will only see a small rise in the price caused by higher shipping fees: $14.50 instead of $4.50. Also, support is offered for customers via 24-hour email, a call center open during business days, and the website which answers FAQs which could put simple concerns to rest.

Support from Life Cell

Live Chat is available during the business day as well. As for guarantees of internet safety, this is a simple one. LifeCell operates a completely secure e-commerce site. The main page is educational in nature, but the checkout is protected from viruses, hackers, and attempts at identity theft. They use McAfee Secure, Truste, VeriSign, and Hackersafe. If that is not enough to win you this company’s trust, here are some other facts.

LifeCell is Cruelty Free

The LifeCell All-in-One anti-aging face cream is not tested on animals. They operate on a “cruelty free” basis meaning no animals were harmed in the making of this product. Your anti-aging benefits do not come at the cost of animal suffering.

The Icing on the Cake: Potential to Receive $1,500 From Our Lifecell Review

There’s one final thing I’d like to point out about LifeCell. South Beach Skincare is pretty darned confident about their product.

Right up front on their website, they have an offer that is pretty hard to refuse:
Use their product, track your results, and send them a testimonial documenting your progress.

If they should use your testimonial, they say that they will pay you $1,500.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but that in itself is a pretty tempting offer!

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