Creams Vs. Cosmetic Treatments For Aging Skin

A nightly-applied cream for crow’s feet by the eyes or lines around the mouth could potentially improve the appearance of aging facial skin. It won’t prevent aging or eliminate all signs. Some products won’t do a thing. Cosmetic treatments such as Botox and AHA fillers are more effective but also cost more and there are potential side-effects too. We’ll weigh the pros and cons of various approaches to anti-aging.

Topical Treatments

These are by far the easiest solutions; the ones most readily accessible and least expensive. Experts say you can get the same benefits from a $30 serum as from a $150 bottle. Only a fancy name and gold-colored trim separate them. Certain products definitely do nothing; they contain a lot of ingredients that sound good but there isn’t enough of the active ingredient. When reading your list, look for Retinol to follow Aqua (good old water). Also, avoid perfumes if you can. They only dry out and otherwise irritate the skin and can cause allergic reactions.

Usually, night creams cause no side effects. The worst thing is that they fail to provide the miraculous answer people are looking for. You have to give them time, of course; be patient with a treatment. When you stop using them, the benefits will also stop.

Injections of Botox

Celebrities gave this form of treatment the red carpet when it first became popular in the early part of the new millennium. Suddenly, the lips of aging stars were plumper. Their cheeks were fuller. Were these already-beautiful stars defying age so effectively? In some cases, it looked like they had been stung by wasps all over their faces. Botox can back-fire, but it can also effectively overcome that sunken look. Results of freezing the skin this way are long-term, lasting months. Botox relaxes the face, removes wrinkles, and gives facial skin a younger, plumper appearance.

Botox costs several hundred to thousands of dollars depending on how much work you want done. Specialists say the more work you have done in a spot, the longer it lasts. That’s a shame if the work is done poorly. That “wasp-sting” effect can be comedic. Also, allergic reactions have been known to occur. Mostly, this is a far more successful option than a serum but if things go wrong, they go wrong far more dramatically.

Other Injections

AHA is an ingredient found in some topical lotions but it works even better as an injected filler, smoothing out fine lines for months. Again, if it goes wrong, the results are terrible. Some women report small bumps under their skin and allergies have been reported. The cost is lower than Botox but still in the hundreds of dollars. Is it worth the risk? Maybe take a moderate road between creams and injections.


A professional applies a powerful C02 powered laser to areas of scarring and blotchy skin to remove one fine layer. As the new layer grows in, it is uniform in color. Scarring is gone or much reduced. This is a reasonable answer for individuals whose acne is long-since finished but who have carried the scars for years. Lasers applied by highly experienced individuals are safe and results can be permanent where scarring is concerned. In terms of wrinkles, they will come back in anything from 6 weeks to 6 months. This is not as repetitive as a form of skin buffing, another way of smoothing the skin which only lasts for a few weeks at a time but is cheaper in the short term. Any treatment which requires the removal of large areas of skin, even a very fine layer, will make the face feel sensitive and appear redder than normal for several days. It is also more vulnerable to infection, so participants have to stick with low-impact indoor exercise; no trail running.

Longer Lasting Benefits

Lotions, lasers, and needles all create a positive effect for the average client; each one of them reduces the signs of aging which include dry, crepe-like skin, sunken areas, dark spots, wrinkles, and loss of that youthful glow. Benefits of any treatment are cut short by spending too much time in the sun, drinking too much alcohol or taking illegal drugs, not drinking sufficient amounts of water, sickness, and smoking. To enjoy benefits for longer, adopt a healthier lifestyle which involves regular exercise, a good diet, and a positive outlook.